Newsletter Editors

Lee Martin, 1968-75
James G. Johnson, 1975
Lee Martin, 1975-81
Ed Reiter, 1981-82
Lee Martin, 1982-84
Russell Rulau, 1984-86
Trey Forester, 1986-87
David T. Alexander, 1986-89
Robin Ellis, 1989-90
David L. Ganz, 1990-1993
David T. Alexander, 1993-2001
Thomas K. DeLorey, 2001-2003
Michael Sedgwick, 2003-present

Michael Sedgwick, Publisher
354 South Road
Millbrook, NY 12545
Tel. (845) 677-6112
Fax (845) 677-8508

Contributions for publication in the NLG Newsletter are solicited and may be sent to the editor via email.

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