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NLG eNEWSLETTER – August 24, 2019

Dear NLG Member,

…that our official website is  

If you Google “Numismatic Literary Guild” or go to, you’ll find a website about organic farming in Thailand.  Who knew?


For those of you who were not able to attend the 2019 NLG Luncheon, you missed a great event.  Over 120 people attended the luncheon, including some of the great luminaries in our industry.  

Originally, we had planned for 85 people to attend, then upped it to 110 based on the pre-event responses.  Ultimately, we had seating for 150 and the room was almost completely full for most of the ceremonies.  

Our MoC, Scott Travers, started at 11:30 with a pre-ceremony presentation and gave out a few awards to accommodate members who needed to return to the bourse floor.  The official ceremony began at noon and ran until just after 1:00 p.m.  

During that time, we awarded all NLG winners, presented the American Israel Numismatic Association’s Shekel Prize, and gave a short symposium conducted by Scott Travers and Ron Guth (Maurice Rosen had to leave early because of a family emergency).  

In all, we presented over forty awards to some very worthy recipients.  You should have received an email with a list of the winners.


This year, the NLG collaborated with the American Israel Numismatic Association to present their Shekel Prize to the author of the best book on the subject of Judaic or Holy Land numismatics.  Mel Wacks of the AINA presented the medal posthumously to Alex Abezgauz. 


In the next couple of days, I’ll be sending out a survey for feedback on the NLG Awards Luncheon.  Your input will be appreciated greatly.


At the NLG Luncheon, I recognized one of our new members, Lianna Spurrier, as an up-and-coming writer and graphics designer, but I announced her as Brianna Spurrier, mistakenlyconflating her name with Brianna Victor, the ANA rep with whom I had been working earlier that morning.  My apologies to Lianna, whose work can be seen at and

Also, I failed to recognize our 2018-2019 Board members by name.  They are:

  • David T. Alexander
  • John Albanese
  • Michael R. Fuljenz
  • Charles Morgan
  • Maurice Rosen


The following people deserve special thanks.  They spend their personal time on the NLG’s behalf and I wish everyone could see how much effort they put in behind-the-scenes.  We are very fortunate to have them “on the team.”

  • Scott Travers
  • Maurice Rosen, Treasurer
  • David Lange, who stepped into the Awards Coordinator role and did a tremendous job.
  • David L. Ganz, Legal Counsel
  • Charles Morgan, Webmaster


What would we do without the generosity of our sponsors?  Please thank them when you see them and maybe throw some business their way..

  • Heritage
  • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
  • Certified Acceptance Corporation
  • Mike Fuljenz


Wait…if one is not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, should it not be “Up to what are you?”  Sounds like Yoda.

Seriously, what writing projects are you working on?  Oops, it should be “On what writing projects are you working?”  Let us know so we can share with the other members.

Best wishes,

Ron Guth
Executive Director
Numismatic Literary Guild