2019 NLG Award Videos

Legendary coin documentarian David Lisot recorded the following short video segments at the 2019 NLG Bash:

CoinWeek Wins NLG 2019 Best Online News Website. VIDEO: 2:42.
Charles Morgan, Editor, CoinWeek.com, Scott Travers, Presenter, Numismatic Literary Guild.
One of the best numismatic websites is horned for their contributions to coin collecting. CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan accepts the award.

Cryptocurrency and Numismatics. VIDEO: 6:22.
James Passin, Cryptocurrency Editor, CoinAge.
James is a financial advisor as well as cryptocurrency expert. He talks about how numismatics can benefit from people interested in Bitcoin and digital currencies.

Douglas Winter Wins NLG 2019 Clemy Award. VIDEO: 3:16.
Douglas Winter, David Bowers, Presenter, Numismatic Literary Guild.
Doug Winter is an expert in United States branch mint gold coins. His books are some the best resources for collectors and other scholars. NLG honors him for his work.

How to Grow the Coin Hobby & Create New Collectors. VIDEO: 5:47.
Scott Travers gives a pep talk to help the coin collecting hobby. He suggests ways that includes having a Website, writing E-book, creating a YouTube video, going on Facebook and Tumbler, doing a blog, posting pictures on Instagram, and tweeting on Twitter.

John Dannreuther Wins NLG 2019 Book of Year Award. VIDEO: 4:47.
John Dannreuther, Q. David Bowers, Presenter, Numismatic Literary Guild.
JD, as he is called has written four volumes of United States proof gold coins. NLG honors his latest achievement in publishing.

Ron Guth Wins 2019 NLG Ribbit Award: VIDEO: 4:27.
Ron Guth, Ribbit Award Winner, Don Willis, Award Presenter, Scott Travers, Numismatic Literary Guild Awards Coordinator, David Lisot, Video Producer, CoinTelevision.com.
The Ribbit is NLG’s award for achievement and overcoming. This year’s winner is CoinFacts founder and NLG executive Director Ron Guth.

Scott Travers Wins NLG 2019 Best Numismatic Blog. VIDEO: 3:08.
Scott Travers, Scott Travers Rare Coin, Ron Guth, Presenter, Numismatic Literary Guild.
Scott Travers is the well-known numismatic author and consumer advocate. He receives the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for “Best Numismatic Blog” and shares how to make a good blog.

State of the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) 2019. VIDEO: 6:23.
Ron Guth, Executive Director, NLG
The Numismatic Literary Guild is the largest organization comprised of writers, authors, bloggers, videographers, and other creative types in the numismatic industry. Ron Guth has been at the helm of leadership of the NLG for a year. He talks about how was selected for director, sponsors, changes in leadership, and he acknowledges members who have contributed to the success of the organization.

Story of CoinFacts. VIDEO:  8:06.
Ron Guth, Founder, CoinFacts.
In 1999 Ron Guth need a way to transport his coin library digitally so he began listing numismatic information on his computer. It was called CoinFacts. He listed so much information that PCGS eventually bought his website. Ron shares how others might aspire so highly.

Writing Award-Winning Numismatic Books & Publications. VIDEO: 11:17.
Q. David Bowers, President, Stack’s Bowers Galleries.
At the annual Numismatic Literary Guild Awards Luncheon during the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money Dave Bowers shares some of his secrets for writing about numismatics.