Coin Quiz

Quiz shows are all the rage these days. Everyone wants to be a millionaire — or at least be placed in Jeopardy! Some don’t even mind being set up to be the weakest link.

In an effort to test NLG members’ knowledge of numismatics, we’ve prepared a few questions. One of them, by the way, was worth a million dollars when Regis Philbin asked it on TV. Unfortunately, the contestant at the time seemed not to be a numismatist.

See how you do. The answers appear below.

1. Which U.S. coin has had the longest life span?
(a) The Lincoln cent
(b) The Jefferson nickel
(c) The Washington quarter
(d) The Morgan dollar

2. Of the following coins, which one had the shortest life span?
(a) The Flying Eagle cent
(b) The twenty-cent piece
(c) The Eisenhower dollar
(d) The Susan B. Anthony dollar

3. What was the first U.S. coin to carry the motto “In God We Trust”?
(a) The Indian Head cent
(b) The two-cent piece
(c) The nickel three-cent piece
(d) The Trade dollar

Click here for the answers